Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blog Trian

Thank you for joining us in an effort to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary! All kits included in this blog train are Personal Use Only and are strictly works of fan art. No part of any of these kits are to be sold or traded for monetary gain.

Janece Scraps

Amusingly Park Scrapping < you are here

Susan Godfrey Digital Designs

Craft With Me

Arizona Girl

Damsel Designs

Timber Scraps

Kaytea Cuppa

LyllahRaven Designs

Here is my part!



15 thoughts on “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blog Trian

  1. I love this!!! Blink was the first episode I ever watched (and still one of my very favorites!) and my kids and I still mess with each other by randomly calling out, “Muuuum-myyy”! Thanks for your portion!!! ::)

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! My daughter torments her principal and teachers with the “are you my mummy” phrase. I even had to buy her a gas mask on ebay! I LOVE this train! LOL

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